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Katie Fawkes with Ecamm Live

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In this episode of the event Collab Podcast, we interviewed Katie Fawkes of marketing for Ecamm Live where she gets to work with live streamers of constant creators all around the globe.

Ecamm Live is an all-in-one live streaming & video production studio for Mac. With Ecamm Live, video creation is easy, professional, and fully customizable.

Here are a few snippets from the episode.

So, Katie, how did you get to Ecamm?

“I actually started off in copywriting. I was just absolutely horrified at the idea of big on video, but I knew we needed to get into live streaming. But flash forward years later, one of our really close friends owns this company, and they were looking for a marketing person and I just was looking for a change in my life. I really wanted a more flexible, kind of fun job that I really could feel a lot of ownership over. So it just was a really great fit for me, but it forced me into this space that I had been avoiding for so, so very long.”

How can you use live streams to help your business grow?

“So if you've never touched live streaming at all and you're trying to grow your business or even promote and build a following or community around an event, it's great to start with something like a Facebook group where people can start asking questions and networking and getting to know each other better. So, whether that's something as simple as bringing some of them on and doing case studies for interviews, or maybe it's just like a fireside chat or an open Q&A, to just use live video as an opportunity to get real and to get authentic in front of your people rather than something that's more heavily produced or polished.”

What other fun things are you guys working on at Ecamm?

“We are releasing version 4.0 later this year and we have a Beta testing group. If you want to try some of these things, you can jump into our Beta testing group and give them a try. We're getting pretty close to bringing some more of these features to Beta testing. Video ISO is a big one, particularly for those that are in the podcasting space. So right now with Ecamm, you can get whatever quality output you select. You get that recording automatically saved to your computer. You can also turn on just the audio so you can get your video file and then each of your separate audio tracks. But, as I'm sure it's not surprising to you, sometimes you want your separate video tracks because you're bringing on multiple guests. So that's coming really soon, too. Multi streaming, which has been just a huge ask from our users on the streaming side, is coming as well.”

How does collaboration play a role in your job?

“Oh, my gosh, it's essential. I would be completely lost without our people. I mean it started for us really because our our co founders, who are not marketing people, forced themselves to go out to social media marketing world years before I joined the team and they were like all these people just kept coming up to us and they wanted to work with us and they went and I mean really, those conversations that they had there and the and the people who just loved the software and just really wanted to collaborate, we're really the reason that I have a job. They said they needed a marketing person. They're using words like collaborate and we don't know what time means. Like we just need someone, someone to help. So I mean I was lucky to join a team and start a marketing department and marketing rule in the space where we had these influencers who had powerful platforms of their own and just wanted to collaborate with us.”

As always, thank you for tuning in to the Event Collab podcast, where we feature people in the event industry and beyond who collaborate to make events and human connections more memorable. Check out our full conversation with Katie here.

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